• Italianate Home

    The house had many large rooms, connected by archways instead of doors. However, our grandfather hung beaded dividers on our bedroom archways, so that we felt like we had some privacy. Being exactly five years older than Alistair, we were born on the same day, I easily won the fight for the better room. The room was small and had an exposed brick wall, covered by vintage film posters, with movie stars with faded smiles.

    December 15, 2012
     - By Francesca
  • the beach chair

    Cathy rolled her eyes, glancing at the clock. She wondered how much longer she needed to do this before she could complain to her boss about having to get back home. She lived on the other side of the reserve and it wasn’t a short drive. Especially after this. He winced as she began to scrub his skin with lotion. His name was Jerry. Or Jeremy. Or Jacob.

    November 28, 2012
     - By Francesca
  • Sex on the beach

    I hadn’t worked at the bar for very long and that night was one of my busiest. The air was thin and customers were shoulder to shoulder but nobody seemed to mind. Somehow, the trio found free seats up at the bar. I was young and impressionable. In all honesty, I really only had two things on my mind.

    October 21, 2012
     - By Francesca
  • Sheep in the field

    I try and listen to the sounds of nature. The hooting of owls and the buzzing of cicada’s and sometimes, if you listen hard enough, you might just hear the calming flute of Harvey Little

    October 7, 2012
     - By Francesca
  • monkey land

    The first school that was set up for apes was on the outskirts of town and anyone who taught there was asking for a death wish on their careers. Those who employed the apes for strength work found their companies were shut down the next day. Women who even looked at a gorilla could find themselves as the cause for an innocent animal’s incarceration.

    September 14, 2012
     - By Francesca


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