Peel Open A Banana, Today’s a Celebration!

Put down your weapons and cease your battle cries for today is a very special day. We remember the 6th of December 1865, when the 13th Amendment was scribbled at the bottom of the Constitution and the union of black and white began. We remember the apology to the Generations who had been stolen in 2008, when the recognition of the mistakes of our forefathers had been made and the marriage between two was once again formed. Today is the 7th of September 2047 and unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that today is an important day. It has been ten years since we have recognised our brothers of the wild and brought them into our society. Just as it was when the Earth was just a fresh dot in the tapestry of the universe.

Of course, families have been known to have the biggest blues of all, and the conflict between our brothers and us was one that we will not be forgetting soon. Over twenty years ago, man, fueled by greed and lust for a new, beautiful world, planned to tear through every last forest until the Earth was bare. Man would be able to flourish and need not worry about lack of space for rising population. Suddenly, almost immediately after the first tree had fallen, the ground began to shake. Brown shadows began to appear from the trees. The apes had had enough. If the humans were going to tear down the homes of the apes, the apes were going to invade the humans’ homes. The very atmosphere that surrounded the planet dripped with disdain and hatred for the two most populous mammals. Thousands of apes and thousands of humans lined the streets. We fought with our weapons, guns and knives, and they fought with theirs, pure brute strength and agility. The scars that were carved over twenty years ago still haven’t healed. It is funny. We had always known that humans didn’t like to admit that they are wrong. We learnt that monkeys’ didn’t like to admit it either. We really were family and it took five years of bloodshed for either of us to realise it. After all of this war, how could we possibly find a reason to celebrate? Because out of the darkness, the thing that really captures our attention is the light. Hope did come. However, it came slowly and painfully, like a leak into the pools of mankind’s’ mind.

The first school that was set up for apes was on the outskirts of town and anyone who taught there was asking for a death wish on their careers. Those who employed the apes for strength work found their companies were shut down the next day. Women who even looked at a gorilla could find themselves as the cause for an innocent animal’s incarceration. And then one man stood up. And then another. And then a mother and her child. And then more people. And then very quickly the majority of the human race was standing up against this mistreatment of our own brothers. Now we see that some of our most successful scientists, doctors, environmentalists, writers and artists come from ape descent. Men line up to see the famous “Mona Imp”, which hangs next to her sister in the Louvre. Women cry when they hear the words Ernest Chimpanzee recited to them. The grumpy monkey became a worldwide dance and The Baboons were one of the most listened to bands in every continent. Thanks to the collaboration of man and ape, the world has changed for the better. With the uniting of industrial and environment, the world is assured to move both forward technologically, but can also be sustained to survive for years to come. Forests cover almost every inch of this planet, forming the new landscape. Houses now come with solar panels and electric cars. Food is more interesting, with new food and new ways to cook, serve and eat it.

We have made new discoveries. We have made new friends. And we have learnt more things about ourselves than we had not previously known. Yes, fifteen years ago, if you had told me that we would be interacting with apes in the future I would have laughed but today I am thankful. I am thankful for all that they have done and will do for my planet and me. This has been a difficult, but rewarding ten years and I cannot imagine what the next ten will bring. So crack open a banana, tell your best friend he’s a great ape and that he’s a-pealing and celebrate, for today is a great day!


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